Damien Drew / Art Director Damien Drew / Art Director


Damien is an Art Director working in Production Design for feature films, commercials and television whose credits include Niki Caro's forthcoming live action 'Mulan', Ridley Scott's 'Alien Covenant', The Great Gatsby, Superman Returns, Star Wars (Eps 2 & 3), The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions and The Wachowski's Sense8. 

His accolades include a US ADG Award for The Great Gatsby and an ADG nomination for Best Production Design for Superman Returns alongside Production Designer Guy Hendrix Dyas. The Great Gatsby earned Production Designer Catherine Martin both a BAFTA and an OSCAR. Damien also received an ACCTA Nomination for feature film Tomorrow When the War Began. 

In the commercial arena Damien has worked with award-winning Directors including: Aaron Stoller, Husein Alicajic, Justin Kurzel, Steve Rogers, Nick Ball, Patrick Hughes, Leo Woodhead, Gary Freedman, Jeff Darling, Frank Miller, Scott Otto Anderson, and Nick Robertson. He was recognised with an APDG Nomination for Best Production Design on Frank Miller's TVC Gucci 'Guilty'.

Damien is passionate about the creation of place and puts his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture to good use. He takes pride in his craft with attention to detail and a focus on the relationship of Production Design to story telling and character.

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